Epidurals – Benefits and Risks

There is a big difference between COPING with the intensity of labour and SUFFERING. We never want a mum to get to a level of suffering during her labour. Birth should be a positive experience for the mother, baby and her birth partner. Epidurals can be a good option for women if they are experiencing…

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Will they let me? Your choices during pregnancy and birth….

“Will they let me give birth in that position?” “Will they let me say no to a vaginal examination?” “Will they let me have delayed cord clamping” “Will they let me deliver the placenta physiologically?” I hear questions like these a lot during my classes. It is a great insight into how many people subconsciously…

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Welcome Hypnobub – Skye – Induced birth with Syntocinon

I just received this beautiful message from one of my dads. This mum developed high blood pressure in late pregnancy. After a number of days using natural induction methods, they made an informed decision to be induced using a balloon catheter and later syntocinon. Induction is tough. It can go from 0-100 very quickly and…

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Hypnobirth breathing techniques for the different stages of labour

Breathing through labour contractions on the way to hospital

The Hypnobirth Australia Positive Birth Course teaches three different types of breathing for the different stages of labour. The following video shows me in the early stages of labour (about 8 hours in) using the ‘Surge’ or ‘Contraction Breathing’. I practiced this technique daily during my pregnancy from 26 weeks after learning it during my…

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The role of your hormones during birth

Role of your endorphins during labour and birth

Do you know about the role of your hormones during labour? Did you feel a euphoric high after birth? Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers. Powerful naturally-occurring opiates. Beta-endorphin levels peak at birth and allow a woman to deal with the intensity of the experience and enter an altered state of consciousness. Beta-endorphins are…

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